Wednesday, December 3, 2008


To Italians, without a shadow of a doubt, I'm blonde.

Not the case for Brits.

Ok, so I am growing my blonde highlights out (the last time I had them done was before my graduation in July) as I figured before coming out here that there'd be no point dying my hair blonde in any way as my natural hair, for Italians, was already blonde! But according to me and anyone I've ever asked about it at home, I'm not a natural blonde. I'm light brown, which gets darker in winter, but yes, I've had blonde highlights since September last year. So it's not like I've got anything against being blonde eh?

When I was studying in Italy 3 years ago, when my hair colour was all natural, I discovered just how blonde Italians thought I was. It wasn't always a good thing, and with my blue eyes too I was always identifiable as a foreigner. But even now, the reactions of Italians I meet to my hair colour and fair complexion is always surprising! The phrase "bella bionda"'s been used a lot much to my amusement (it's like there's a guarantee that someone who's blonde's would be pretty!), I've been asked if my hair's my natural hair colour, and if everyone else in my family's as fair-skinned as I am (which they're not, btw, I'm the exception!). There's always that sense of standing out in the crowd, being the fairest-skinned and blondest person in a metro or train carriage, it's not something I'm always comfortable with, though most of the time it's just another novelty thing for me.

But either way, I guess I've just got to get used to it again!

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