Sunday, January 18, 2009


Looks like there's another lurgy doing the round in Milan! I can't believe how ill I've been since getting here! Not even three months in this city, and 2 colds and whateverthehellthisis! I'm usually pretty healthy, I get a cold or two between the end of summer & beginning of spring, but nothing ever really serious (touch wood!). But this weekend I've spent the whole time mooching around at home, and most of today in bed! And another bad thing about being ill here is the price of medicines! 5 euro for a bottle of cough medicine, the same for a packet of neurofen, I don't know how Italians put up with it! I stocked up on as much stuff as I could when I was home for Christmas (working where I did in 6th form and uni, I was used to being around cheap medicines; I'd always buy the cheap 30/40p packets of paracetamol) cos I'm quite prone to headaches, and, well really, I can't afford to be paying like 3-5 euro just for a packet of paracetamol or asprin each time!

Anyway, that's my rant for today, I'm going to go and eat my pasta bianca, fun fun....

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