Sunday, January 4, 2009


So yesterday the sales kicked off in Milan... And as you can imagine, it was pretty mental in the city centre! I only bought a couple of things, sales are usually a bit of a pain for me as nearly everything seems to be too small or too big! It was nice having a wander around though, even though there were so many people in giro!

After a colleague told me about it, I found a shop not too far from the Duomo (near the Missori metro stop) that sells British things! It's called Taste of England (misleading title imo, as I was familiar with all the stuff too ;)) and it sells a mix of British things, from Whittard teas & coffees and Cadbury's chocolate, to toothbrushes and soap! It's a bit pricey though, as you'd imagine for foreign things I guess, but it's nice for a treat :) There's another shop, in the same sort of patch, on Corso Italia, that sells British stuff too, must go and check that out too!

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