Saturday, January 3, 2009

So.... 2009!

Nice, isn't it?

I had a nice New Year's Eve in, we had a few people over, and had a feast! It was really nice. Just before midnight we ate our lentils, that's a big new year's superstition in Italy, eating lentils new year's eve and/or new year's day, they're supposed to bring you money, and I ate my fair share of them! With around 40 minutes to go, we turned the tv on, and watched the new year's eve show on Canale Cinque. It might sound sad, but I enjoyed that! New year's eve tv at home is appalling (though I have enjoyed the Hootenanny the last few years, and was a bit annoyed I missed it this time round with the line-up they had!), and what I saw was what, I think, British new year's eve tv misses a bit - genuine fun, anarchy, lots of singing and messing around. The 'dancers' I wasn't such a fan of, I was actually amazed that they could get away with that kind of thing on tv! And I found it highly amusing, that in the chaos, the dancing and singing after midnight, a plate of lentils and cotechino (a type of pork sausage we had with the lentils too, that I'm not too keen on as I discovered...) was being passed around the studio! It just goes to show how strong the belief in the superstition and tradition is, but I found it quite amusing!

It was snowing in Milan new year's eve too, not much settled, but it was very nice to wake up on new year's day to snow outside :)

.... And then after a relaxing new year's day at home, it was back to work yesterday!

The sales start in Milan today, so I'll be off for a giro in the centre to see what I can find! Unlike the UK, there are actually laws in Italy, which dictate when the sales can start in each city. Of course, being in Italy, those laws don't stop sales-which-are-not-called-sales from starting before when they're supposed to! But I like how they're not supposed to start before a certain date, it makes the sales a bit more exciting!

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