Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sticking Around......

.... The snow, that is ;)

It's quite funny really, I know us Brits are fascinated with snow, and it's such a novelty walking around Milan with plenty of snow still around like a week after it stopped snowing! I'm starting to think that it's not going to all melt any time before spring! Apparently we were supposed to get another dosage of snow this week too, but as yet, we've not seen a snowflake...

My room's getting re-decorated this week, so I'm having to sleep in the living room. And between a thin matress and noisy neighbours, I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like! I know Italians are loud & talk a helluva lot, but blimey, these walls must be thinner than I thought!!

I did wander into town on Saturday, luckily it wasn't as manic as it had been the week before (maybe the cold weather had kept some people at home!), and I bought a few little things. Doesn't seem to be much of anything around in my size though, as the case usually is at home as well!

One last thing, here's a song that's doing the rounds over here, i vecchietti fanno o by J-Ax, it reminds me of a few people I know, I hope they won't be offended by this cos they certainly aren't old, but have managed to stay young at heart :)

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