Monday, February 23, 2009

Hazy Monday

From my 7th floor office the whole of Milan (that I can see at least :D) is covered by a foggy type haze. It's not the type of haze that belongs to winter, even looking out the window I get the feeling that Spring's in the air. Even some of the Milanese are daring to go out in coats other than their big winter ones (and Italians feel the cold much more than us Brits do!), and I've got a pair of ballet type shoes on today (with knee high tights albeit, it's not that nice yet!!) instead of my usual trainers! Apparently it's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week as well!

Carnival's definitely in the air, plenty of silly string (seems quite random for someone who's grown up with pancake day and not carnival...) and confetti (preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty!! :D) all around where I live, made the walk into work more fun this morning!

Oh, the diet's going well too, 1.5 kg lost in 2 weeks, so I'm pretty chuffed!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ew. I was wondering what all that "schifo"ing was about earlier, they've found dead cockroaches in the office....! We're on the 7th floor, amuses me slightly, but still, ew. It reminds me of when I was studying in Urbino and my room was invaded by ants in the summer!

Another thing that amuses me (more I should say :D) is all the confetti that's all over the streets round Milan! Carnevale has definitely arrived, even though I didn't realise the confetti meant carnevale... But still, it's quite pretty I think :) And all the masks & random carnevale things in the shop are awesome too, I love things like that (I bought a feathery mask in Accessorize when I was home over Christmas), and just the whole party atmosphere of carnival!

As for Valentine's day... I spent the evening with a group of friends and had a brilliant time! One thing that's stuck with me from that day though was when we were walking through Piazza Duomo on our way to the restaurant at like 7pm, there were people in the piazza cleaning up. The piazza was practically deserted, and there was rubbish everywhere. That was the aftermath of valentine's day, piazza duomo full of rubbish. Quite sad really, that that seemed to be the only evidence that valentine's day had ever been!

It's gone a bit colder here today, it's still sunny though so it's nice :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring in the air!

Oh, I'm loving this weather! It's wonderfully sunny outside, so clear that I can see the mountains from the office, so pretty! I had my lunch in a nearby park today, and there are even a few buds on some of the trees! It's nice to know that spring's on its way, it's been a very cold winter. Funny thing is, we've had quite a few sunny days this week, and the weather sounds absolutely horrendous at home!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I've finally decided to go on a diet. Losing 3 kg when I was ill sort of inspired me I guess LOL! Only another 12 to go!!

Not the easiest thing to do in Italy though, surrounded by all this nice food, the cakes, and biscuits and pastries..... YUM!! I mean, in a round journey to and from work, around 35 minutes altogether, I go past:

6 bars
2 bread shops
1 gelateria (a proper weakness of mine...)
1 restaurant
1 grocery shop
1 pasticceria
1 piadineria

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head!! So yeah, I've got a feeling it's going to be a fun few weeks & months....!


So, it's Monday & back to work...

I had a nice weekend, I went shopping in the centre on Saturday morning, which I thought was quite a foolish idea, until I actually got off the metro in San Babila! I was amazed by how few people were in giro! Looks like Italians spend Saturday morning asleep, and then go shopping in the afternoon, cos it's always mental the times I've gone into the centre on Saturday afternoons! I got some very pretty things in H&M, I was so happy to see Spring clothes in the shops after the winter we've had here!

There were a lot of tourists around - and I know they were tourists, maps and backpacks are usually a bit of a giveaway ;) - which I was quite surprised at. It's been so dull, and wet, and grey, and cold, in Milan these last few weeks, I don't understand why people would want to come to somewhere where the weather's been so bad! Well, I don't understand why anyone would really want to come to the north of Italy during winter anyway, it's winter here too! Ok, fair enough, it's lovely outside today, really sunny, a lovely crisp winter's day, but it definitely wasn't like this on Saturday!

On Sunday, much to my surprise, I found the rugby on La7!! I had absolutely no idea any Italian tv channels would be showing any 6 Nations games, bar the Italian ones obviously. I just happened to be flicking through the channels, around 10 minutes after kick-off, and there it was on La7! And seeing as we won, I was very pleased they showed it!!

Ah, the sun's putting me in a good mood :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I'm back in work this week, not feeling 100%, but well enough. There's still plenty of other lurgies doing the round though, so I'm worried now, especially as I'm recovering from last week. Funny thing was, 2 of my colleagues had been off the previous week with the same thing, and foolishly enough on the Monday - the day before I was ill - I said, cos I'd been feeling a bit off-colour, but nothing really bad; that if I had that stomach flu it would've already kicked in. How wrong I was HA!!

I've heard so much about the snow at home, absolute madness! We had some snow here Sunday and Monday too, Sunday it wasn't settling, but Monday I woke up and everything was white! But since then it's been raining, so most of the snow has disappeared... It's so funny how everything has come to a stop at home, and there wasn't even that much snow! I mean, we got like 50cm of snow here the other week, but there weren't any major problems in Milan! But it sounds like London came to a complete standstill!

And today it's sunny, a crisp winter's day, very nice :)