Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ew. I was wondering what all that "schifo"ing was about earlier, they've found dead cockroaches in the office....! We're on the 7th floor, amuses me slightly, but still, ew. It reminds me of when I was studying in Urbino and my room was invaded by ants in the summer!

Another thing that amuses me (more I should say :D) is all the confetti that's all over the streets round Milan! Carnevale has definitely arrived, even though I didn't realise the confetti meant carnevale... But still, it's quite pretty I think :) And all the masks & random carnevale things in the shop are awesome too, I love things like that (I bought a feathery mask in Accessorize when I was home over Christmas), and just the whole party atmosphere of carnival!

As for Valentine's day... I spent the evening with a group of friends and had a brilliant time! One thing that's stuck with me from that day though was when we were walking through Piazza Duomo on our way to the restaurant at like 7pm, there were people in the piazza cleaning up. The piazza was practically deserted, and there was rubbish everywhere. That was the aftermath of valentine's day, piazza duomo full of rubbish. Quite sad really, that that seemed to be the only evidence that valentine's day had ever been!

It's gone a bit colder here today, it's still sunny though so it's nice :)

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