Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I'm back in work this week, not feeling 100%, but well enough. There's still plenty of other lurgies doing the round though, so I'm worried now, especially as I'm recovering from last week. Funny thing was, 2 of my colleagues had been off the previous week with the same thing, and foolishly enough on the Monday - the day before I was ill - I said, cos I'd been feeling a bit off-colour, but nothing really bad; that if I had that stomach flu it would've already kicked in. How wrong I was HA!!

I've heard so much about the snow at home, absolute madness! We had some snow here Sunday and Monday too, Sunday it wasn't settling, but Monday I woke up and everything was white! But since then it's been raining, so most of the snow has disappeared... It's so funny how everything has come to a stop at home, and there wasn't even that much snow! I mean, we got like 50cm of snow here the other week, but there weren't any major problems in Milan! But it sounds like London came to a complete standstill!

And today it's sunny, a crisp winter's day, very nice :)

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