Monday, February 9, 2009


So, it's Monday & back to work...

I had a nice weekend, I went shopping in the centre on Saturday morning, which I thought was quite a foolish idea, until I actually got off the metro in San Babila! I was amazed by how few people were in giro! Looks like Italians spend Saturday morning asleep, and then go shopping in the afternoon, cos it's always mental the times I've gone into the centre on Saturday afternoons! I got some very pretty things in H&M, I was so happy to see Spring clothes in the shops after the winter we've had here!

There were a lot of tourists around - and I know they were tourists, maps and backpacks are usually a bit of a giveaway ;) - which I was quite surprised at. It's been so dull, and wet, and grey, and cold, in Milan these last few weeks, I don't understand why people would want to come to somewhere where the weather's been so bad! Well, I don't understand why anyone would really want to come to the north of Italy during winter anyway, it's winter here too! Ok, fair enough, it's lovely outside today, really sunny, a lovely crisp winter's day, but it definitely wasn't like this on Saturday!

On Sunday, much to my surprise, I found the rugby on La7!! I had absolutely no idea any Italian tv channels would be showing any 6 Nations games, bar the Italian ones obviously. I just happened to be flicking through the channels, around 10 minutes after kick-off, and there it was on La7! And seeing as we won, I was very pleased they showed it!!

Ah, the sun's putting me in a good mood :)

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