Friday, March 6, 2009


Blimey, this week's flown by (don't I sound like an old woman? :D), and it's Friday again! Even the sun's starting to come out in Milan, after a pretty miserable & rainy week! The weather's been awful though, and my brolly (my red one which clashes fantastically with my blue coat, didn't think of that when I bought it did I?!) is now pretty much broken! And walking to work means more chance of getting rained on and/or splashed by cars. Lovely. But apparently the weather's on the way up, and this weekend should be nice! Hopefully I can put that winter coat away soon!!

I'm looking forward to a pretty epic shopping trip tomorrow, in & around the centre, there's a couple of streets I've been recommended to have a wander down, it'll be nice to discover some new shops instead of just sticking to around Piazza Duomo and Corso Buenos Aires. Then there's a bead shop around Loreto that I want to check out too, I love making my own jewellery, so it'll be great to have some new materials!

And then Sunday I can sleep - yay!

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