Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The longest amount of time I've been away from home (Italy, university, anywhere) is 3 months and 7 days - from the beginning of January to mid April '06 when I was studying in Urbino. This stint in Italy's going to hit 3 months at the end of the week (Friday to be precise). I don't know what it is about reaching 3 months away from home, but it's usually at that point the homesickness starts to kick in. Maybe it's because I used to go home every 3 months or so from university (even when I was studying in Italy), so maybe I got used to that sort of fixed timetable of holidays. But this Easter I'm not going home. When it came to thinking about going home for Easter, I didn't really feel like I needed to at the time, plus I'd only have 4 days off without taking any holiday (I'm trying to save my holidays up for certain special occasions), and it's so much stress getting home! It's fine this side, it's just a matter of getting on a train at Lambrate, and then a bus at the station in Bergamo and I'm sorted. But it's always so stressful after arriving back in the UK, I wish there were an easier way. But my mam's coming over for Easter, so that'll be nice. I'll have to think of what she can bring me over from home! So yeah, I guess a bit of homesickness is inevitable, being this far from home... Maybe I should make some plans to go back there for a bit??

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