Monday, March 30, 2009

Italian food vs British food

This is the sort of thing I think about on Sunday nights when there's nothing good on tv!

I'm not talking about lasagne vs bangers & mash; but random things you can get in both countries, and obvious things like pasta & pizza are off the list!

  • Ice cream (of course! Though I do miss my Ben & Jerry's...)
  • Coffee
  • Fruit. In general! Everything seems to taste much fresher!
  • Crackers (Rosmarino crackers ftw!)
  • Olives, I don't like olives at home, funnily enough they're better here :D
  • Hot chocolate. Italian hot chocolate (as long as it's not too thick & sickly) is amazing!
  • Bacon, how I miss proper bacon...
  • Chocolate (Cadburyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy's!!!)
  • Tea (It doesn't matter what tea bag or milk I use, tea in Italy will always taste like tea in Italy, it's just not the same!!)
  • Milk, randomly enough! Long life milk in this country is disgusting!
The grey areas!
  • Biscuits. How I miss my chocolate Hob Nobs, but biscuits for breakfast? Awesome.
  • Crisps. I love salt & vinegar flavoured crisps, but plain Italian crisps. Are. Amazing.
  • Cakes (more junk food!!). Homemade sponge or crumble at home, and little pasticcini you can get here, no comparison!
Hmm. That's all at the moment I think.....

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