Thursday, March 19, 2009

More illness!

It seems I'm always bloody ill in this country, it's never anything serious (apart from that stomach flu I had) - colds, sore throats, and bad stomachs. And this week I've had a tummy bug, it's been on and off since Friday. I'm off work today again, and I'm a bit fed up of this really. I don't remember being this ill all the time when I was studying in Urbino! Eating everything in bianco when I've been home ill's doing my nut too, where's the fun in plain rice or pasta?? I think I should count myself lucky I don't need to use any public transport every day - especially as I live on the skanky green line!! - I can't imagine the bugs & viruses I'd pick up!

On a chirpier note, it's nice too see a lot of my friends have joined Twitter recently (I can't possibly think why though ;)), I've been on there since December, to follow my tweets, look for a Nezza27 :)

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