Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Anything which deals with the slightest amount of red tape in Italy is always going to cause trouble..... Though, to be honest, I am quite impressed that sorting out my residency only took 2 days! Well, I say, sorting out, by that I mean going to the ufficio stranieri with all my documents & all that, but at least that's done, I just need to wait now... It meant losing half a day of work, 4 euro in metro tickets, and getting up at 6.30 today, so I'm glad it's all over!!

So, it's March, and the miserable winter weather's back again! What's going on?? It did amuse me, it hit March 1st on Sunday, and the weather completely turned! I want the sun back, it was so nice, properly feeling like Spring, and now we could be in the UK with this bad weather!

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