Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping trip!

So on Saturday I went on a bit of an epic 4 hour shopping trip :D Mostly in the centre, down Corso Vittorio Emmanuele, Via Torino and Corso di Porta Ticinese; then back out to Loreto to find a bead shop I'd heard about (love my beads I do :D). So it was good fun!! And the weather was lovely, amazingly the Italians were mostly out in their winter coats, I was warm in my dinky little 3/4 length sleeve spring coat! There were a lot of tourists about too, I find it quite nice coming across such a mix of languages of the people visiting the city, marvelling at their surroundings. It just makes me realise how fortunate I am to have landed here. It almost still hasn't sunk in, even now when I'm around the Duomo or the Galleria, it still feels surreal, and I've been here over 4 months now!

As for today, the weather's been lovely! Spring's properly sprung (though saying that, it's probably going to rain tomorrow...!), and if it weren't for that wind, it'd be so warm!

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