Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 month anniversary!

6 months ago yesterday I first arrived in Italy! I only realised this morning!! It was the evening of the 22nd of October when I arrived at Malpensa, a journey of around 10 hours altogether from home to the airport. I stayed with one of my friends (who is an absolute star, one of the nicest people you could ever meet!) for a couple of weeks before moving to Milan on the 4th of November.

I've been doing a lot (well, maybe not a lot, seeing as I've been at work!) of reflecting about my time here during the day. It's over 4 months since I've been home, so this's the longest stint I've been anywhere away from home, and I haven't got any plans to go home as yet (that sounds awful, but as far as summer's concerned, let's just say things are a bit up in the air at the moment.....). It feels like a bit of an achievement, even though I was never intending to go back home permanantly before the end of the 6 months or anything! I've still got no idea when I will go home permanantly, I'm not much of a planner anyway, but who knows how things will be like even a few weeks down the line? I'm loving living in Milan, sometimes it's still such a novelty. Piazza Duomo still fascinates me, the Duomo's beautiful, even the piazza itself is amazing, I can't put my finger on it. But all the tourists congregating there, especially now as there are more of them, it just adds to how special a place Milan is. People come from all over the world, and it's amazing walking around the centre (or not so centre sometimes) hearing all these different languages, understanding some tourists who are talking about how amazing the city is and where they should go.

It's still strange to think of Milan as being where I'm currently living. It's almost like how it was when I was living on campus at uni, living in a bubble. Most days I feel like I could be anywhere in Italy, there's not much around where I live or work that identifies the area as being part of Milan (though what would identify the area as Milan I don't know...), it's only really when I go into the centre that it properly feels like Milan. I'm still getting used to living in a city, amusingly enough the only time I'd ever lived in a town before coming here was when I was studying in Urbino, and that was a small town of 6,000 odd, up in the hills! So yeah, living in the city is definitely still a novelty! I can just hop on the metro to go to the shops, I can be in the centre in like half an hour. I don't drive, and at home I had to rely on lifts from other people even to get me to the nearest bus stop! So the freedom of being able to get around on my own is brilliant! And as skanky as my metro line is (the green...) I still love the underground, it's just so easy to get around the city! Well, to where I usually need to go anyway!

I need to get out of the city more though, just it's not easy working full-time. There are still so many places I want to go to, hell, I haven't even been to Venice yet!! *hangs head in shame* But I guess there's still plenty of time for that!

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