Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

Yes, I know it's taken me a few days to get round to it :P

For Easter my mam came over to spend a few days, so it meant that I well and truly had my tourist hat on! We spent most of our time in Milan, before I came to Milan in November we'd only ever spent a day here; so we spent some time in & around the centre, and on Corso Buenos Aires. On Saturday we went up to Arona, which is on the south of Lake Maggiore. The train journey was quite fun, going from Centrale meant changing at Novara (around 40 minutes to the east of Milan), and cos our train was 5 minutes late leaving Centrale (who knows why, that train starts at Centrale!) it was a mad dash to catch our connection to Arona! Never again!! But Arona's nice, it was lovely to get out of the city a bit. I'd been to Lake Como before, last summer, but I'd never been to any of the other lakes. It's quite a small little town, with some nice (& expensive!) shops, a few gelaterie & restaurants. Luckily the train journey home was better, we got the cross-Alpine train back to Milan, no rickety old trains & no changes!

The centre of Milan was full of tourists over the weekend! I barely heard any Italian when we were in giro on Sunday and Monday! The weather was lovely too, it was proper British summer type weather! For lunch on Sunday we had the mother of all pizzas, in a place on Via Dante (I forget the name...) never seen pizzas so big!! Needless to say, we were well & truly defeated by the monster pizzas!

As for today, the weather's miserable, what happened to the 20+ degrees & gorgeous sunshine???

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