Thursday, May 28, 2009

And back to spring - ish!

I'm being such a Brit, all it seems that I blog about these days is the weather!! Unfortunately it hasn't dropped the 10 degrees in Milan that the media was promising, yesterday it was a measly 3 degrees cooler than Tuesday, down to 31 degrees!! Last night was much better though, I could actually sleep with the covers on! Going outside onto the balcony when it was really hot was horrific, I couldn't believe it was that hot at like 10-11pm! It's been difficult sleeping too, I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times, but I'm so tired today after a string of hot nights. I'm looking forward to having a lovely lie-in Saturday morning!!

One thing that this hot weather's good for though is that it gives you an excuse to eat (more) ice cream :D I was naughty and actually had ice cream for lunch when I was out shopping over the weekend, chocolate and stracciatella, lovely! I had to eat it too quickly though cos it was melting so fast in the heat!

And Sunday afternoon I was down the park enjoying the sun! The first proper sunbathing session of the year - and it gave me a migraine!! That'll teach me! I thought I'd better off starting with the factor 30, but I didn't get much of a tan from that, so I think I might be ok on factor 20 for another few weeks! Well, I think I'll risk it, I'm sick of being this pale!

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