Friday, May 22, 2009


30+ degrees in May!! A heatwave's hit Italy this week, luckily it's the centre that seems to have been hit the hardest, though the maximum for the last few days here in Milan has been around 32 degrees! Thing is, it doesn't feel anywhere near as hot as 30 odd degrees does in the UK! Honestly, if I didn't know it had been 30+ degrees these last few days, I never would have guessed! It's nice at the moment, when there's a bit of a breeze admittedly, though the evenings can be pretty stuffy, even around 10-11pm, getting to sleep's already proving to be a bit of a problem!! I'm looking forward to spending some quality time down the park this weekend, working on my tan (not that I've actually got much of a tan at the moment, but never mind...) and enjoying the sunshine! The weather's promising much of the same over the weekend, sunny and around 32-33 degrees! Now this is what Mediterranean weather should be like!!


Eleonora Ferrari said...

Wow - summer has come!! I'll be in Milan for a wedding on the 5th June. Hope that lovely sunshine keeps up. Must remember to bring the suncream just in case. :-)

Nerys said...

Definitely!! I need to be using factor 30! But it's lovely!!