Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a racket!!

You didn't need to tell me this morning that Inter had won last night, I knew. From all the noise there was around 11 last night I thought there had been an accident or something, but then it clicked, Milan had been playing, and that game could've decided that Inter had won Serie A. What a racket!! I couldn't believe it! It wasn't even my street, barely any traffic goes down here! I wasn't in Italy when they won the world cup 3 years ago, but I was there until the semi-final if I remember correctly, and it was exactly the same there! Imagine, a little medieval hill-top town, population of around 6,000, but a big student town, cars and vespas going round and round the little streets beeping and waving flags! Madness!!

The weather recently, mostly at least, has been lovely! Easily hitting 23 degrees, and gorgeous sunshine, if only it could stay like this for the rest of the summer!! My freckles are already coming out even though I haven't been out much in the sun yet, good thing I bought that factor 30 the other week!

And to everyone who's going to see Mika on the 6th in Teatro Parenti, you shall most definitely see me there, with bells on!! Very much looking forward!!

And one more thing, should I be worried that I like Biagio Antonacci's new song??

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