Saturday, July 4, 2009

At the doctor's...

I've been ill. Again!! Another stomach virus that's been doing the rounds. Seriously, how many illnesses like that can do the rounds in a city in the space of just a few months?? Ok, I won't start whinging again... So I had to go to the doctor's to get a certificate for work, the first time I'd gone to the doctor's on my own in this country. I'm lucky that I live around 5 minutes away from my doctor's, but even though it's that close to home, I'm not too keen on the area it's in. Don't ask me what it is, it involves going under a bridge, I just don't like the atmosphere round there... But never mind. It's obviously a pain dragging myself out of the flat when I'm ill, and when I went on Thursday the surgery was only open in the afternoon, so add around 30 degrees to my annoyance! It wasn't as scary as I expected, I was in & out quite quickly, another new experience under my belt! But hopefully I won't need to go back to there for another few months at least!

And with a couple of days at home, I had plenty of time to watch Italian daytime TV. Oh yes. Though La Prova del Cuoco (Italy's take on Ready, Steady, Cook which is shown on Rai Uno) is legendary - It feels like I grew up with that, for the 3 years I was actually at uni in England, I watched so much of that, it always seemed to be on when I was watching tv after my lectures were done for the day! - I got bored of what was on offer fairly quickly. I also managed to get bored of Italian radio! Yesterday I spent a lot of the day listening to British radio online. I'm a bit of a radio geek to be honest, I spend so much time listening to radio, here or back in the UK; but I rarely listen to British radio when I'm in Italy, only when I'm bored of Italian radio, really. I used to think that Italian radio was more open-minded than mainstream British radio, that it played a bigger variety of music. After yesterday I'm not so convinced. There were so many songs I didn't recognise, things that had been doing the rounds for the last few weeks or even months in the UK that I'd never heard before; mainstream, Top 40 stuff. It was nice to have a proper comparison, and to see what was going on with music at home!

It is hot though, it's finally starting to get to me! It's still not so bad in the night, but having to leave my window open & the sound of the trains being louder is a bit annoying, but I think I'm getting used to it. No new mozzy bites - yet! I think my plug-in's doing its job! We've been having a lot of thunderstorms here recently, I hate thunderstorms, and one we had recently, when the thunder was properly shaking in the flat was horrible; but the morning after a thunderstorm is lovely, it properly clears the air. A necessary evil I'm starting to think!

And I've lost 6 kg now, I'm so pleased! I haven't hit the sales yet, I didn't think it would've been very sensible after being ill, and still not feeing 100%; but I did go shopping last weekend, and bought a very pretty multicoloured Italian-equivalent-of-a-UK-size 10 skirt from Promod, I was so chuffed! Only problem is all the other summer clothes I've got from summers past are getting too big! Never mind, an extra excuse to hit the sales I think!!

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