Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Normality!

For many many Italians this weekend meant the end of the summer, and the return home to the city -  it was the last big rientro weekend, after people had been trickling back from their holidays over the last few days, this weekend was when pretty much everyone else was making the journey home from their holidays. So now everyone's back in the city and back to work after 3/4 weeks' holiday - nice for some! And life in Milan is almost back to normal. Ok, so the school's aren't back yet, and there are still a lot of tourists around, but there's a big difference to the ghost town of 2 or so weeks ago! There are still some shops closed though, even in the centre of Milan, but only a few by now. Oh, the public transport's still on holiday service too, but that I can live with during the day!

And the weather's improved massively! It's around 27-28 degrees at the moment, and nowhere near as humid as it's been recently! I was even sleeping with a sheet last night and Saturday night - amazing!! It's lovely, I wish it could've been like this all summer! It's even cool enough to wear jeans (with sandals albeit) around town, I'm very pleased, to be honest I'd got a little tired of wearing summery skirts all the time! Apparently it's not going to last, the temperature's set to rise again this week according to the meteo I saw last night, but I'm enjoying it whilst it lasts!!

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