Monday, August 31, 2009

Nerys's Milanese Pet Hates - Part 3

Bwahaha it's been a while!!

People who stare at me on the metro.

Yes, I know I'm blonde. I've got blue eyes too. Oooh, look at all of the colourful things I'm wearing!!

Ma basta!

I've been here for nearly 10 months now, when are you going to get bored of staring at me??


Sandra said...

I get the same looks here in Catania, being blonde haired and blue eyed, although an American lady here on holiday was suprised how many blonde haired blue eyed people she came across !

Nerys said...

Hi Sandra! I know, we're not all *that* uncommon in this country, yet the Italians stare all the same!