Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I'm looking forward to Autumn

  1. Being able to sleep with a duvet (cosy!!)
  2. Scratch that - being able to sleep at night will be bliss!!
  3. Wearing my Converse (adore my Converse!)
  4. Wearing my swanky new skinny jeans I bought at home (oh, how I love them!)
  5. My favourite soap (Tempesta d'Amore, if anyone's interested!) going back to being a full episode every evening instead of annoying half episodes!
  6. My low blood pressure not giving me (as much) grief
  7. My doctor and the pharmacy down the street being open again
  8. Not being eaten alive by the mozzies constantly - eventually! I got bitten a lot during a picnic in Bologna last October, so I know they'll be hanging around for a while yet!
Can you tell it's been a hot, horrible, humid day in Milan today??


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, I agree with so much of this! I love my duvet too! Have you tried vitamin B to put the mozzies off?

Nerys said...

I keep meaning to! I found out a while ago that it's meant to help, but I've never bought any!!