Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Autumn already?

I didn't expect there to be such a sudden change in temperature! It was like once we hit September it dropped around 8 degrees during the day, and the humidity pretty much disappeared overnight! It's lovely, still warm enough during the day, and finally cool enough at night. I've even got a thin blanket out of my cupboard!! I've slept so well since the weekend, when it really started cooling down at night, it's made such a difference! It's even a bit chilly in the morning & evening, especially in the shade, I could almost wear a cardigan - almost! But it's not quite Converse weather yet ;) It's getting dark very early too, which I don't like as much. Not long gone 8pm it starts getting dark here! It's like a completely different feel to how it was a couple of weeks ago, melting in 35+ temperatures and unable to sleep at night. I'm pleased we're finally getting into summer, my full one (ok, minus the week at home!) was a very long one!!

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