Friday, September 25, 2009

Mysteries of the Italian Postal System

Last November, when I first came to Milan, the first parcels that got sent from home took around three and a half weeks to show up. So by the time I got some of the things in said parcels, it was too cold to be able to wear them! After autumn kicked off more suddenly than I expected, I had to get on the case of getting some things sent over from home that I'd had to leave there after being home in August - gotta love Ryanair's luggage weight limit! because I knew it would take a good couple of weeks, probably more, for the parcel to arrive in Milan. And the parcel would include 3 much needed cardis - no more problems of having a combination of slightly-clashing top & cardi!! - my awesome black-with-white-trim blazer, and a new shirt my mam picked up for me in the sales - I've really not lost that much weight since August, how come a size 10 shirt's that big on me?? And I got this precious parcel yesterday, meaning it took less than a week to arrive!! And it was sent the exact same way as all the others I've got since being here! Result!! I have noticed that things have been taking less time to arrive here, when I've been ordering things from the UK online for example, but it usually takes around a week and a half for them to arrive, which was less than it was earlier in the year. So my question is, if the parcels weigh around the same, contain the same sort of stuff, are sent in the exact same way to and from the exact same places - why is it now taking under half the time it used to for them to arrive??

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

No idea. Perhaps the swallows were on shift instead of the snails this time!