Friday, October 2, 2009

At the hairdresser's...

The fun of living in a foreign country is the change in doing everyday things such as going shopping, travelling around the city, or as in my case this afternoon, getting my hair cut! I mean, something as easy as "It needs a good trim, the ends have gone a bit scraggy" just doesn't work in my Italian... And then there's the problem of wanting to dye my hair blonde... After deciding to risk it in December, today was the second time I'd dyed my hair here, and luckily this time it turned out fine, but the first time I wasn't very happy with the colour as it wasn't light enough. The colour I've got now is 'very blonde' by Italian standards, and for some reason if I'd have wanted a lighter colour I would have only been able to have highlights and not an all over colour!

My hairdressers is fab, they deal with a fair amount of native English speakers too, which helps! It's funny how in the UK the people in the salon make you a cuppa tea or coffee if you're having your hair dyed - here they order it from the bar just down the street! Today and the last time I went there was one point in the afternoon when the girls decided to order coffee, and they asked us punters if we wanted something too. It did amuse me, I must say!

So here's my new hair, it turned out shorter than I thought it would - nothing to do with anything getting lost in translation! - but I'm very happy with it.

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