Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cambio di Stagione

I don't know about the rest of Italy, but up here in Milan, people are starting to think - and some have already gone about it! - about the cambio di stagione. It's getting to that time of year when the Italians put away their summer clothes for the winter and bring out all the winter things they put away in spring. It's not like the UK where you wear pretty much the same clothes all year round!! I did my cambio di stagione earlier than I as planning - next weekend I'm at a wedding, and the weekend after I'll be preparing to go to London for a week; so I decided to get all my clothes sorted this weekend whilst I still had the time. Apparently it's supposed to get a lot colder this week, but bar the odd shower - and thunderstorm like the other morning!! - the weather's been nice up til now, still in the 20s, still mostly sunny. Cardigan weather - if that some days! But it's been cooler this weekend though, tonight I've been wearing a jacket round the house for the first time in months and I'm finally wearing proper PJs again, instead of shorts!!

I really need to find a coat now, before it does start getting too cold. Last year I left it too late, when I arrived here in late October I didn't bring a coat with me. I thought it'd be warmer up here for longer than it was, and ended up getting caught out. The coat I did eventually find is now 2 sizes too big, so a new one's definitely needed! Some new jumpers wouldn't go amiss either; or some boots, especially after all the snow we had last winter...

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