Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Italyversary to me!

Today's the one year anniversary of my arrival in Italy!

It was around 10.30 at night when my flight from Bristol arrived at Malpensa, and it was the start of a big adventure. I had no permanent address and no job - only an interview the following week. It was risky, but I was determined to go out to Italy, and find a job and somewhere to live.

Luckily I had friends scattered all over the country, including an absolute star who offered me a place to stay until I found a place of my own. Those couple of weeks was one of the best periods of time I've had, I had so much fun and met new people, and it helped me settle back in to being in Italy.

And then I got the job and was off to Milan!!

And that's where I've been since - apart from the couple of short trips home I've had obviously! And I can't believe a year's passed already. And I'm very happy here, I think Milan's a great place to live. It's a big enough city without being too big, and even though there will always be the odd thing that baffles/amazes me, I do feel really at home here. The fact that it's a foreign country washes over me most of the time to be honest, it's where I live now. I think it'd feel different if I'd started working back in the UK, as I came out here pretty much straight from university - just over 3 months after graduating if anyone's counting. I used to say that I'd stay out here for a year or two before going back to the UK - to do what though, I never knew! But one year's already passed, and I know the second will go just as quick! I haven't got any long-term plans, but at the moment - and this may sound really bad, seeing as my family and everyone else I grew up with is back in the UK - I can't think of anything that could draw me back to the UK. So I'm here for the foreseeable future, and after that, who knows!


jane ward said...

Happy Italyvesary look forward to lots more blogs

Nerys said...

Hi Jane! Thank you!

Eleonora Ferrari said...

Happy Anniversary Nerys! Good to read that you enjoy living in Milan despite the difficulties crossing the road :) Hope you have another great year there!!

Nerys said...

Thanks Eleonora!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read about your anniversary in Italy, and it really reminds me of my feelings when I went to Ireland.

No job, no friends, just an address as a first accomodation, my strong will to succeed, and a website where to keep a sort of blog.

No plan as to how long to stay: I ended up living in Dublin for 5 years, without really feeling it as my home though.
Many experiences, many friends, and many memories I'll keep with me forever.

If you see a place as home, 90% of settling down process is done.
Well done, because you're succeding where I failed.