Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Welshie on Italian TV!

Let me just explain first, it was last night X Factor, and the audience, so I'm not famous yet!! Being the massive Mika fangurl that I am, I jumped at the chance to go and see him at X Factor last night - even though I've never even followed the UK version, never mind the Italian!! And I was lucky enough to get a ticket to be in the audience, along with 19 other Mika fans!

If anyone saw X Factor last night, the people in the back row, with the gold pom poms (which were actually gold wigs!), yep, that was us! The back row was obviously not our choice, and it was a bit of a pain, as cameras were swooping past us and could choose to film from there at any point, which meant no standing up or waving our arms about. We had to sit still. Which obviously didn't happen when Mika was on, though we were actually sat for the whole performance - we only stood up when he came on & when the performance finished :D It was fantastic, I was in full-blown fangurl mode! And he made a great judge too, even though the simultaneous translation did my nut. I can't stand it, let the boy speak!!

Even though I've never properly followed X Factor at home, it's not exactly difficult to avoid, I've watched lots of bits over the years, so obviously I know enough about it. So it was interesting to see Italy's take on the format. You'd think for a reality show not much could change, well, you'd be right. Obviously, there's not really much you can change, but it is very different! For a start, the Italian show was an epic 3 1/2 ish hours long (I didn't check the exact time that it finished), the judges argue much more and for longer, and just generally talkandtalkandtalk! The voting system's different than the last time I watched the UK version too... Oh, and the audience are more lively, and heckle the judges - shame there were a lot of injokes I didn't get, things that were incomprehensible to my ears being chanted; but people singing " sei bellissimooooooooooooo" to Morgan was win :D - a lot more! It was more enjoyable than I expected actually!

And I'd like to thank everyone who made yesterday so enjoyable and made it possible for us to be in the audience, it was an unforgettable experience!