Saturday, November 21, 2009

Italian medicine

I was convinced I'd done a post about medicine in Italy, but it seems not...

Last night I went to pick up some medicine in the pharmacy on the way home that the doctor had prescribed me. Nothing serious, a dietary supplement; the packet would contain 10 little bottles to take once a day, before breakfast.

Which cost me 19.50 euros!!

I nearly had a heart attack!! The doctor had prescribed me two packets, but the pharmacy only had one - and at that price I'm glad that was the case!

I almost dread to think how much money I've spent on medicine in this country since I've got here, even the most basic things are so expensive. A packet of paracetamol or asprin costs around 4 euro, cold medicine can easily be 5 euro, and when I've had a stomach bug, things for it have cost around 10. The supplement I had in the summer for my low blood pressure cost over 13 euro for 14 packets. It all seems a bit excessive to me, especially after my experience last night. And coming from a country where you can buy paracetamol/asprin/ibuprofen for 40p - and cheaper, and it was always the cheap stuff I bought, and I never had any problems with it. Oh, unless it was a migraine that I had, then I had to shell out on the hardcore migraine medicine.

I think I've just made myself seem like I'm always ill, which actually wasn't far off the truth last winter! But this winter I'm prepared, I've got my vitamins, my supplements, some cold medicine already, and I'm hoping I'll be able to dodge more lurgies this winter then last time round - to save money for one thing!!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, I think supplements and non-prescription medicine are so expensive here because the pharmacies have no competition, whereas in the UK we can buy these items in the supermarket. I do find prescription medicine cheap here, though, and I must say I've had wonderfulmedical treatmentin Italy.

Nerys said...

I can't complain about the medical treatment itself, my doctor's great, and it's nice to ask for some advice in the pharmacy - instead of having to make the best decision yourself if you're buying something from a supermarket in the UK. It's just I find the prices of basic things more and more excessive the more time I spend here. Even some prescription medicine I've had here's been expensive too.

Alex said...

I cannot complain about the health system here, but it's true, medicines do seem more expensive. Basics like aspirin seem pricey to me.

Italians seem to spend a fortune in pharmacies too! Get receipts with your codice fiscale number on as quite a bit of the cost is tax deductible here in Italy.