Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Song of the Week 3

I heard this on the radio a few minutes ago, and it really feels like a wintery song, it does mention winter (inverno) too, and with the snow falling in Milan today it feels like it echoes the atmosphere here. It's Respiro by Le Vibrazioni. The animated video's really nice too!


Greta said...

aaah kawaii :D
Le Vibrazioni son bravi...devo ancora abituarmi al nuovo sound più malinconico..agli inizi eran più pop/psichedelici..cmq ti consiglio di ascoltare anche i loro pezzi precedenti, meritano!
Non te li posto perchè dovrei compilare una lista lunghetta, mi piaccion quasi tutti ;]

Nerys said...

Grazie Greta! Conosco alcuna delle loro canzoni, farò delle ricerche su youtube :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog.

Never found a foreigner so deeply involved in Italian culture, especially music.

I'm Italian, living in Dublin since 2005, and to be honest I prefer Irish radio because I don't like the most of the songs they broadcast in Italy.

Next week I will visit Cardiff, I hope to enjoy it.

What do you think it's worthy a visit, apart of course from the Castle and the Millennium Stadium?

If you wanted to drop me an e-mail, here it is: fabal79 at yahoo.it


Nerys said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm not much of an expert on Cardiff I'm afraid, I've only been there a few times in my life! Go down to the Bay though, it's very nice, lovely atmosphere last time I was there.

Anonymous said...


I'm back from my Cardiff trip.

I was lucky: clear sky and many km to walk and photos to take.

It's not a bad city: it looks cleaner than Dublin.
I thought it was a cemetery because on Friday night there were very few people around, but then on Saturday night there were queues to enter clubs.

The area of the bay was nice, with the shops, the sidewalk and the Millenium Centre.
Thank you for your suggestion, or as you'd say: diolch yn fawr.