Sunday, January 31, 2010

Una canzone al giorno - settimana 4

This week's songs:

Mario Venuti - Una pallottola e un fiore
Jovanotti - Chissa' Se Stai Dormendo
883 - Nient'altro che noi
Le Vibrazioni - Raggio Di Sole
Negrita- Fragile
Mina - Se telefonando
Tiromancino - Angoli di Cielo


Photos by Rosie said...

Just discovered your blog while looking for tips on moving to Italy! We live in Cumbria, UK and are hoping to relocate to Turin in the summer.
Rosie :)

Nerys said...

Thanks for the comment Rosie! Turin's a lovely city, I've only been there once though, which is pretty shocking seeing as it's a 2 hour train trip from Milan! In bocca al lupo for the relocation!