Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to (not) be Milanese...

.... with a liberal topping of stereotypes and exaggeration ;)

1. The Milanese are stylish

This can be said for the whole of Italy, but the international reputation for Milan being a fashionable city seems to knock it up a notch. The idea of bella figura when it comes to dressing means dressing well, elegantly, stylishly. It's all about presentation, how you come across to others.

Ehehehehe. I live in skinny jeans and Converse.....

2. The Milanese love to ski

Hardly surprising considering how close to the Milan is to the mountains, many Milanese spend their winter weekends skiing, and would never give up their settimana bianca - the 'white week' of holiday in the mountains.

Err, no thanks. I wouldn't willingly put myself or other people in danger like that... Next!!

3. The Milanese escape from the city whenever they can

It's not just when they go skiing, when it's not ski season the Milanese still try to escape from the city every weekend and holiday they can.

But what's wrong with Milan?? Ok, so it's grey and smoggy, but there's no need to escape every single weekend, is there??

4. The Milanese drive everywhere

Even though Milan has cheap public transport (1 euro for one 75 minute train/underground/tram/bus journey within the city limits), the preferred mode of transport is still the car. Which makes for one smoggy Milan...

I don't drive, I never passed my test. And I would NEVER want to drive in Italy!!!

5. The Milanese love their aperitivo!

The story goes that it was Bar Magenta in Milan (on Via Giosuè Carducci, near Cordona station - highly recommended!) that invented the aperitivo. It's now a very important part of social life in Milan, and in some areas such as the Navigli (canals) during the evening you'd be hard-pressed to find a bar that wasn't doing some sort of aperitivo.

Ok. This I can't argue with one bit. I do love me a good aperitivo!!


Sarah said...

"The story goes that it was Bar Magenta in Milan (on Via Giosuè Carducci, near Cordona station - highly recommended!)"

Dear God is that place still around ?

I have memories of my twenties being misspent there dancing on tables. It was conveniently situated round the corner from both Inlingua and later on Wall Street.

My apperitivo usually ended up as more of an all night festa on Fridays LOL

I never saw the point of going away for the weekend, especially long ones, everybody else left too so the beach turned into Piccadilly Circus even in spring, which rather defeated the point of leaving in the first place.

Nerys said...

Hi Sarah! Yup, Bar Magenta's still around, it's one of my favourite bars in Milan, there's something quite cosy about it that most places don't seem to capture. I'm not surprised, a lot of the aperitivos I've been to have got carried away, it seems to happen all to easily sometimes...!

That's true about beaches too, it's such a shame, but crowded beachs I just can't stand.

Katja | Driving Like a Maniac said...

. The Milanese are stylish

This can be said for the whole of Italy

Ha! Sadly not down here it can't - everyone seems to wear shell suits. SHELL SUITS. Dear God - I hoped and prayed that those had gone out of fashion in the early 90s, but in Salento it would appear nobody got that message ...

Nerys said...

Hi Katja! Shell suits?? Ouch. That's tragic!!

Kristen said...

My favorite Milanese practice is that of parking on the sidewalks!

Nerys said...

Hi Kirsten! I can't believe I forgot about that, it's really annoying as a pedestrian!!