Sunday, March 14, 2010

Una canzone al giorno - settimana 10

What a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Milan!

Articolo 31 - L'impresa eccezionale
Alexia - Egoista
Caparezza - Il Secondo Secondo Me
Tiromancino - Nessuna Certezza
Fabrizio De André - Quello che non ho
Elisa - Luce
Negrita - Luna


Sarah said...

Ohhh I love "Luce".

Just doesn't date at all.

Normally I make ""cat hacking up fur ball noises when San Remo is on, but the year she won made all the smarm worth sitting though.

Nerys said...

Hi Sarah! I think I like everything I've heard by Elisa, her new song's doing the rounds at the moment too, it's called 'Anche se non trovi le parole'. It's getting a lot of airplay on the radio here, and I'm not bored of it yet!!