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Mika @ Mediolanum Forum, Assago (MI), April 21st 2010

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that the Welshie in Italy has an alter ego as a Mika fangurl who enjoys following him around Europe as much as she can! So far this year I've been to seen him in London, Munich and Vienna, and on Wednesday it was finally time for my home gig!! Ok, so Assago isn't Milan Milan, but compared to all the travelling I'd done for the other three, this was a breeze!! It was very amusing crossing Milan on the morning of the gig, I have quite a particular outfit I've been wearing on this tour - I'm head to toe in pink, with white tights/socks, a feather boa & feathery mask! I didn't wear the boa or mask until I got to the venue, but the looks on the faces of the commuters were hilarious!

Yes, commuters. I got to the venue that early. You have to if you want to be in front row, and I was hell-bent of being right at the front for this concert!! I got to the Forum around 8.30, and was no.13 in the queue. We always have a numbered system, and every concert I've been to the system works fantastically. There was a bit of a scary moment on Wednesday though, the security types weren't having any of it, and sent us from our nice sheltered spot over to the main entrance around lunchtime. We were in the direct sun, it was awful. But eventually it got resolved, and we went back to where we were before, out of the sun, and in a single-line queue in numerical order. And we got to enter around 15 minutes before the un-numbered crowd.

I was front row next to four of my friends! When we first entered the venue I couldn't believe how big it was!! And it was sold out! And then we heard and saw the rest of the audience arrived, and saw the massive venue slowly fill up!

The view of the Forum from front row

The support act was randomly a rapper, Nesli. I thought I'd only heard about him, but it turned out that I'd heard one of his songs, Non tornerĂ² indietro, on the radio a few weeks ago. He didn't go down very well - the biggest cheer he got was when he said that he'd reached the last song!!
 Mika's entrance - suspended on wires!

Mika always puts on an amazing show. This one was different to the last three I'd seen, and better too! The 'story' of the show starts off with him going into space, the first civilian to do so, but the rocket explodes, and he dies. It sounds quite strange for a concert doesn't it? It's one of the things I like so much about his music and shows, the darkness of it all that you don't always instantly pick up. So about half of the show was set in space, with a backdrop of a moon & stars, and planets painted with UV paints. The other half was set on earth, including one part in a graveyard; with fans who had volunteered to dress up as characters from his songs doing a funeral march across the stage. I'd volunteered in Munich, and it was an amazing experience to be on stage in front of so many people!!

Part of the graveyard section of the show

I had so much fun, by the end I had completely lost my voice and could barely stand anymore! It was made even better by being next to some of my friends. But it wasn't time to go home yet! We went on a mission to find where Mika would be leaving the venue - as we always do - so we could get autographs. Security, as usual, weren't giving us any clues, but eventually they organised us into a single line. Mika came out around 1.45 - yes, THAT late!! And signed autographs and chatted with everyone. I'm still not exactly sure how - possibly because I'd stepped in and done a bit of translation for a friend, but another friend did much more than I did - put he'd picked up that I spoke both English and Italian, and the first thing he said to me was that I spoke both English and Italian perfectly, and asked how come. Such a nice compliment, I was over the moon!!

I eventually got home around 3.30, absolutely exhausted, but buzzing! The day after I was back in work, after only a couple of hours' decent sleep! Oh, and the next concert? Nice - a week today!!

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