Thursday, September 9, 2010

In diretta!

Anyone listening to Radio Deejay aroud 9.05pm last Wednesday would've heard a slightly shellshocked, nervous Welsh girl in Milan - namely me! It's taken me a week to get over the rather traumatic experience (!) and to blog about it! It wasn't a disaster, I was thrown on air unprepared (partly my fault), after sending a text to the presenters. After being in a festival in Switzerland in the rain, and camping in the cold, unsurprisingly I'd caught a cold. On Wednesday it was more like flu, I woke up with my muscles aching all over, my head spinning, a bad stomach and headache - there was no way I was going to work! So I decided to send a text to my favourite radio presenters, hoping they'd read it out and I'd get some sympathy (I may have a tiny little crush on the male presenter, and the temptation to send a text got the better of me...), but instead I got rang back by the assistant - asking if I wanted to go on air! How could I say no??

Unfortunately though, it didn't go to plan. At the last minute the assistant fed me a story, I had to pretend I was allergic to a plant (ragweed, ambrosia in Italian), hence my illness. And that was without the difficulty of trying to understand two slightly hyperactive Italian radio presenters who have a habit of speaking over each other, as well as speaking too quickly! It was an experience I could say - but not something I'll be planning on repeating any time soon!

My debut on national Italian radio can be heard here, I make an appearance at 53.20 I've been told - I can't bring myself to listen to it yet!!

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