Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amazon hits Italy!

Happy Welshie!!

I read a few days ago on La Repubblica's XL mag's Twitter that Amazon was planning to launch an Italian site, and I thought it'd be a while until it was up and running. But today from the same Twitter account I discovered that it had been launched - perfect timing for Christmas!

Italy doesn't do online shopping in such a big way as the UK, for example you'll have a bit of a hard time if you want to buy something from Italian, and even international clothes shops online. But seeing as Italians seem to be a bit wary about using credit/debit cards (there was even a publicity campaign recently trying to encourage people to use their cards more!), it's not much of a surprise.

For me it mainly means saving on postage, and having the things I buy arrive quicker; but Amazon Italy also sells foreign language books, and from the look around the site that I've had, English language books are cheaper than they are in the shops in Milan. It doesn't yet have the full range of products that the UK site has (no clothes for example), but I'm hoping they'll branch out into that in the future.

I'm looking forward to my first order arriving in the post!

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