Thursday, January 6, 2011


The results of my raid on the sales!

Buona Befana a tutti! Today the sales started in Milan as well as most of north and central Italy, after the south started their sales on the 2nd. In Italy there are laws dictating when sales can start in the summer and winter, and when I found out that the sales for me would be starting on Epiphany I was surprised - most shops in Italy close on bank holidays. It was a great idea though, there was a lot less people in giro this year than the first day of the January sales last year. The best bargains I found was a pair of jeans in Promod and a very pretty nightshirt in H&M. Lush had a very interesting promotion on too, so I've now got enough Lush products to last me for months!

I'm debating whether to make the trek out to Ikea over the weekend - the problem is I know it'll be so busy!

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