Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little more about me...

I think I'm just coming out of one of my writer's block periods. It's been a bit of a strange couple of weeks for me, since being on the radio I've not felt quite myself. I know it sounds silly, but after living your dream (even if it only was for half an hour) it's difficult to get back to normal life, right?

And as usually happens after one of my all-too-frequent writer's block stints, I've decided that I need to devote more time to my blog. And, for the second time, I think I need to give a bit more background to myself in order to do that. So here goes...

I don't have any Italian relatives, not that I'm aware of anyway. Even so, before I started studying Italian my closest link to the country was one of my aunts. She's lived in several different places over the years, including Rome when I was small. I don't remember ever speaking to her about Italy before I started studying the language, but it was as if I was always aware growing up of her having lived there.

I didn't start studying Italian until I was 16. But for years before then I was interested in foreign countries and cultures. Up until a few years ago the National Eisteddfod used to have a ceremony called Cymru a'r Byd (Wales and the World) which was basically a ceremony to celebrate and welcome home Welsh expatriates who had left Wales to live in countries all over the world. My favourite part was when the countries that were represented by the expats were read out one by one, and the people who now lived in that country would stand up, wave to the crowd, holding flags or mascots from their new country. I've tried to figure out which Eisteddfod it was exactly, when I was in the audience in the Pavillion with my mam, to watch the ceremony, but I can't remember exactly. I'm pretty sure it was the 1993 Eisteddfod in Builth Wells, when I would have been 7 years old. I was so pleased that I was able to see the ceremony, it fascinated me, all those people who'd grown up and lived in the same country I was living in, but were now living in far away countries. It sounds strange, even thinking about it now, but even at that age (or maybe a year or two older, seeing as I can't pin down the year) I wanted to be one of those expats. One day, some point far away in my future, I wanted to be standing on that stage, representing a country, even though I didn't know which one.

The Cymru a'r Byd ceremony isn't held any more, it was scrapped a few years ago, after I'd started studying Italian at university. It was criticised for being old-fashioned and out of touch with modern Wales, which, as much as it annoys me to admit it, was true. It's a shame. It would have been fun to stand on that stage, representing Italy. It'll always remain an important step on my road here, even though I never knew how much of a significance that one day in August would have years down the line.

Oh, and before anyone asks the obvious question, I don't have an Italian boyfriend or have ever had one, and after the ragazzi I've met here (the gay guys I know however, are lovely blokes!), I can't say I want to go out of my way to find one either!

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Anonymous said...

It's funny how a minor event can drive your future choices to a direction rather than to another.

It happened a similar thing to me as well.
It was at the time of the high school (something like 15 years ago) when I heard of a classmate of mine who had gone to UK for a working holiday.
That episode rang a sort of bell inside me and influenced my decision to have an experience in Ireland in 2001.
I hadn't enough, so I went back to Ireland in 2005 and spent there 5 years.
Such a big step was just the consequence of a path started years before.
A path not finished yet, since I'm planning my next goal: Canada.

As to Caparezza's song, it's as sad as true. I don't know where you find the bravery to live in this country.