Monday, February 7, 2011

Un Giorno da Deejay

Those of you who know me would know that I'm a bit of a radio geek. I'm always listening to it whenever I can, and it's pretty much been like that since I was 11 years old. My favourite station in Italy is Radio Deejay, who, this weekend, gave a chance to 100 aspiring radio presenters to go on air from the radio's studios here in Milan, with the presenters - and I was one of them!

The 'Un giorno da Deejay' was done last year, to celebrate the radio's birthday on the 1st of February, and it was decided that it'd be held again this year. After thinking about it for nearly two weeks, I decided to send off my application so that I'd stop brooding about whether I should try or not. And a week ago today, much to my surprise, I got the phonecall, telling me that I'd been chosen to go on air. I was lucky enough to be able to choose to go on air with my two favourite presenters, Federico and Marisa, and was given a slot of 3pm on Sunday.

So after a very nervous week, Sunday lunchtime I started the long tram journey that would take me across town to Via Massena, one of the streets off Corso Sempione. I got to the radio around half an hour before my slot, and met the other girl who I'd be on air with (nearly everyone had been paired up, like last year, as there were so many of us!), who, unlike me, had a bit of experience in radio. Shortly before 3pm, we met Federico and Marisa, who were enthusiastic about me being on air with them! Marisa, when she first saw me, practically ran up to be going, "Neryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyss!! Perché non ci avevi detto??" ('Why didn't you tell us??' I'd sent them a text when they were on air the day I found out that I'd been chosen, but as she explained, they get so many texts when they're on air that they don't get a chance to read them all.) before giving me a massive hug! I was really taken aback by her kindness!

Then, we were live on air. It was an amazing experience, to be on my favourite radio station, speaking to listeners all over Italy. I was living a dream. I was much more relaxed than I expected, pretty much once I started speaking I calmed down so much! As all the others had done, we spoke about ourselves, our backgrounds, our interests - nothing too challenging luckily! And having spoken twice to them on the phone last year helped, I sort of knew what to expect, what the pace would be like, and that I'd need to think on my feet a lot. Luckily my Italian didn't let me down!!

I stayed at the radio til around 5.45, when I got hungry! I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, and since I wanted to take the tram home so I could carry on listening to the radio, it would take me about an hour to get home (and it actually took longer than that!). I met a few of the other presenters, and a lot of the other participants, who were all lovely and very talented.

Today life's getting back to normal, and yesterday feels like some sort of a strange dream. I never expected to be chosen, and I never quite got my head around the idea that I'd be on the radio! I'd like to say a big grazie to Radio Deejay for organising this weekend, and giving 100 of us the chance to live a dream. Grazie to Federico and Marisa for being so lovely and putting me at ease. And thanks to everyone who listened to me and supported me, it means a lot to me!

Oh, and you can listen to us here (yes, my name's misspelt!) and there's a lovely photo of the four of us here.


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cant read,, diferent lnggue but its great.

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You're taking a career for yourself as a dj.
I'll be a loyal listener of Radio Nerys as soon as it'll be on air.