Sunday, March 20, 2011


What you might not expect about the Italians is that they're much more obsessed with horoscopes than any other country I've been to. Horoscopes are everywhere, on the radio the first thing in the morning, features on daytime TV, newspapers, magazines.... It's something the Italians really do believe in. Well, most Italians at any rate.

Even on the underground in Milan, at the stops that have TV screens showing news, and advertising events around the city, there's a horoscope feature. Each sign has a star rating for love, work, and health for that day. If I had to get up in the morning at 7am (luckily I get to sleep for a little bit more than that!) and turned on the radio I'd hear Paolo Fox, one of Italy's most respected and well-known astrologers, giving his predictions for the day on Radio Deejay.

One of the most intelligent people I've met in Italy completely believes in them. It's something that fascinates me, how she judges people through their star signs; how she's able to say so much about a person from their date of birth. Someone like her might not have been taken very seriously had she been born a Brit, but here her knowledge's respected, and never questioned.

It's brushed off on me too. I used to read my horoscope before moving here, but I didn't have the same kind of belief in it that I do now. I'm an Aries, if anyone's wondering. Stubborn, impatient, immature. But also independent, energetic, optimistic. I always used to say that the only Aries qualities that I had were the negative ones, but now I'm not so sure. It's as if all this time in Italy seems to have made me suit my star sign more. Who knows.

The mug? I bought it during my year abroad, in the Ipercoop in Pesaro, and it's followed me around ever since!


Natalie said...

We're the same sign! :)

I think the horoscopes in the metro are funny (we have them in Rome too). But they always do ariete first, and I always miss it!

Anonymous said...

You know, we italians are a very insecure people, we need to be reassured and we need to hold someone else responsible for our choices...even stars and planets!
But psychological side of astrology is something that allows you to know many things about people, it's a way to understand them better:
astrologers are psychological detectives, they know eveeeeryyythiiiing,lol!
Giuliana ;)

Nerys said...

Hi Natalie, high five fellow Ariete! It's the same for me when they go through the signs on the tv - I've missed Aries so many times!

Ciao Giuliana! I think that's what Brits don't get, the psychological side of astrology, it's not taken seriously enough to be fully appreciated by the public.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You're right - they are taken seriously here. Nice mug.

Nerys said...

Thanks Welshcakes!