Friday, March 4, 2011

My Over-used Italian Words Part 1

It's funny how my over-using words in Italian annoys me more than over-using words in English or Welsh... At the moment I'm going through a phase of over-using:

Piuttosto: a bit of a nightmare to translate thanks to its various meanings. Can be used to express "instead", "quite", or "rather".

Assolutamente: even though saying this makes me feel a bit self-conscious about my accent, I use it a lot. It translates as "absolutely", "really", "completely" or "perfectly", depending on context.

Nel senso che: I wish I knew who I'd picked this up from, especially as I've caught myself using the literal English translation - 'in the sense of'!!

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Flapane said...

"Nel senso che" it's quite hard to translate... maybe I'd say something like "That is to say" ?
I've seen that "absolutely" is widely used by the waitresses in the US, even if here in Italy it wouldn't make any sense (an italian waiter would rather say: Certo, sicuro, certamente, subito).
I'm curious, have you found any other untranslatable words?