Sunday, April 10, 2011

Everyone's Talking About...

So I've decided on a new feature - what the people of Italy have mainly been discussing during the week.

The crisis in Lampedusa continues. Unfortunately this week we saw a boat full of immigrants sink on its way to the island, 250 people died according to the Italian media. The immigrants who originally reached Lampedusa are being transferred to other centres in Italy, and are being allowed to apply for temporary permits to stay in Italy for six months.

The weather
Italy, as with many other countries in Europe, has been basking in sunshine these last few days. The temperatures in Milan yesterday reached an unseasonable high of around 30 degrees! Many Italians have been making the most of the weather this weekend by making the first trip of the season to the beach.

Actually, when is Italy not talking about Berlusconi? This week the highly-anticipated 'Rubygate' trial started, and after a hearing of only seven minutes was adjourned until May 31st. He was also in the news for telling an off-colour joke to students at the Sapienza university of Rome, which was met with total silence!

Il calcio
The race for the 'scudetto' is heating up! After a disastrous week, Inter won 2-0 against Chievo last night; but after their win today Napoli are tied with first place Milan with 65 points. Milan are still to play this week, away against Fiorentina tonight.

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