Sunday, May 8, 2011

Everybody's Talking About....

Everyone knows what the big international news stories of the week have been, but what about the news from Italy this week?

Friday's strikes

There's a joke in Milan that on a Friday every single month there's a transport strike. As much as people like to joke about it, it's actually pretty close to the truth. But Friday's strikes were bigger than the usual transport strikes that hit the city. Many of the workers unions in Italy joined the strike, which also affected schools and airports.

The rubbish crisis in Rome and Naples

This week the news has been reporting that the rubbish crisis in Naples is as bad as it was in 2008. The government has promised over and over again that the problem will be resolved, but it keeps coming back. The military was meant to arrive in the area on Monday, but on Friday they had already started working on removing what's quoted as being over 1000 tons of rubbish that have been collecting on the streets. It was promised that the situation in Rome would be resolved by tonight, with people working overtime to clear the streets of the rubbish that had accumulated over the last few days.

Lo scudetto

Milan's 0-0 draw against Rome last night was enough to award them what's called 'lo scudetto' - they are the Serie A champions for this season. It's the 18th scudetto in their history, and the rossonero half of the city was out in force last night celebrating, with thousands of fans in Piazza Duomo. Even in the suburbs cars, scooters and bikes were driving around and around into the early hours beeping their horns in celebration! At the other end of the table; today, Brescia - who were only promoted to Serie A at the end of the last season - were relegated to Serie B.


Adrian Brooks Collins said...

So - why isn't anybody recycling this pre-sorted gold mine of materials and organics? This "garbage" is mana from heaven when recovered. Wake up! This your chance to lead by example.

Nerys said...

Hi Adrian, 'bella domanda' as the Italians would say...