Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyone's Talking About...

After a short break away from Italy, here's my round-up of the biggest talking points in Italy this week:

The war in Libya
Unfortunately one of the biggest news stories in Italy from this week is the country's involvement in Libya. Italy's decision to join the war has split the government. The far-right Lega Nord is against it, because, to put their point of view simply, bombing Libya would mean more people would want to escape the country and come to Italy. Even so, Berlusconi has agreed to join the NATO bombing campaign. Gheddafi has responded by threatening to 'bring the war to Italy'.

May 1st
Today is Workers' Day in Italy, and the decision of many shops to stay open today has created a lot of discussion in Italy. In Rome there's also the annual 1st of May concert, featuring many Italian artists such as Subsonica, Caparezza and Edoardo Bennato.

In the Vatican City around a million people witnessed the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Beatificaion is the first step towards becoming a saint, and people from all over the world came to witness the event.

We're getting ever closer to the scudetto being decided. Milan is still at the top of the table, but after Inter's win away at Cesena last night, the scudetto won't be decided for at least another week, even if Milan win against Bologna. Places in the Champions League spot are also to be decided, however Bari's fate has already been decided, having already been demoted to Serie B.

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