Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nerys's Guide to Italian Music - Caparezza

Caparezza is the alter ego of Puglian rapper Michele Salvemini. Michele started off his career as rapper Mikimix, but didn't have much success. He then transfored into Caparezza (which means 'Curly Hair' in his native dialect of Molfetta), growing his hair and beard long, and his first album as Caparezza, ?!, was released in 2000. He has since released four albums, including this year's critically acclaimed Il sogno eretico. The first single from the album was a Song of the Week for me, Goodbye Malinconia which features Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley.

One of his most well-known singles is 2004's Fuori dal tunnel:

I remember La mia parte intollerante being played on the radio in 2006, it also features singer Gennaro Cosmo Parlato:

Vieni a ballare in Puglia, is an example of something Caparezza does so well - treating serious subjects in what initially would seem a light-hearted song. The song actually deals with a subject which is all too often heard in the news, death in the workplace. In the song the word ballare - 'to dance' - actually has the meaning of morire - 'to die'.

His latest single is another one which has been a single of the week for me, Chi se ne frega della musica (which can be translated as 'Who cares about music'). Even though it's absolutely not to be taken seriously - only in Italy eh?

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