Friday, August 26, 2011

Il caldo

Fa caldo. It's hot. Molto caldo. Very hot. For over a week Italy has been sweltering in temperatures which have reached over 40 degrees in some cities. For days the weather forecast I hear every morning on the radio could be summed up in two words: caldo and sole. Hot and sun.

In Milan the maximum has reached around 35 degrees but with the humidity it felt closer to 37. That's the problem with Milan, in the summer it gets very humid. Go out of the city and you'll find a much more bareable, 'dry' heat, even if there's no difference in the temperature.

The sky's been cloudless during these hot days, but today the clouds arrived and the temperature decreased. Tonight the sun set behind fluffy white clouds and left an evening which was much cooler than the ones we've had recently.

Now there's a breeze blowing, the thunderstorms that were forecasted for tonight and tomorrow morning are probably on their way. I hope there's no storms in the middle of the night; after these hot, sticky nights that's the last thing I need! Hopefully after this spell we'll start to get some Autumnal weather, I'm definitely ready for some cooler temperatures!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, please send that breeze southwards!

Nerys said...

Will do!!