Friday, September 23, 2011

Il satellite

I managed to blag myself a day off work today, and being the radio geek I am I've spent the whole day listening to Deejay. And the same subject's come up all day - il satellite. The satellite. The satellite that's fallen out of orbit and is on its way back down to earth. It seems to be the one topic that everyone's talking about everywhere today, and the Italian superstition's well and truly come out to play. Of course, everyone mentions the mathematical probability of parts of the satellite actually landing in Italy, which are very slim... But then straight on to where the satellite could land, how much damage it could do, how you could be outside with bits of space junk falling out of the sky... Of course, luck comes into all of this. Italians love the concept of luck and bad luck, especially bad luck. Colloquially it's called sfiga, but the standard Italian word for it is sfortuna. And just about everything could potentially porta sfortuna - bring bad luck. So there's this whole discussion about how sfigato or unlucky you'd have to be for you or your house to be hit by the satellite. Because it doesn't matter what the actual scientific calculations are, oh no, it all boils down to how unlucky you are in Italy!

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know it's common among younger generations. Never heard my father or my grandparents talking such nonsense.

In general, when you grow up, you loose this useless mental attidude.