Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost in Translation 2

So there I was, eating the remains of a bag of biscuits for a snack as I tried to hold out for supper, when I noticed something that I hadn't seen before...

Yes, the English part of the front of the packet says "that promove good digestive healt".

Seriously, if you're going to translate the Italian that's on your products, please get it checked...


Laruchka said...

Or when you arrive at Linate and passport control directs you to "No UE citizens". Gah.

Nerys said...

Exactly! One of the first things you see when you arrive in Italy, hardly a good impression is it?

Anonymous said...

Dear me!
Should it be 'No EU citizens' or what?

By the way. If the coockie fellows neglect even their image that much, who knows how they manage their production lines.

One fair day this year I went to a backery plant to buy some fine bread, and guess what? They allowed their dogs to stray among food and machinery: Disgusting!


P.S. feel free to correct my english. In return I'll give you some little advice on your astonishingly good italian, if you like.

Nerys said...

Ciao Geppetto, it should be non-EU citizens; no EU citizens could be translated as 'niente cittadini UE'. That's what I was thinking yesterday, it just shows a lack of care and effort in general, because if something like that's neglected who knows what else?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, it drives me crazy that they don't get it checked. The English in some tourist magazines here is also what the French would call "execrable".

Nerys said...

Ciao Pat! Me too, it really annoys me. I can imagine, you can always tell when it's a non-native English speaker when there's an It-Eng translation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Nerys: I got it now.
"non" for adjectives
"no" for nouns
more or less.

I'd rather say "No cittadini UE",
like "No cani", "No animali", "No intermediari", "No perditempo" and so on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nerys,

I tought very, very hard about it, and look what came out.

On a sign: No UE citizens (admitted) > No cittadini UE
Newspaper: No UE citizens were invoved. > Nessun cittadino UE fu coinvolto.
At the customs: "No UE citizens, this morning?" > "Niente cittadini UE, questa mattina?"
At Linate: Non UE citizens > Cittadini non UE

I can vouch for the italian and hope I got the english part not all too wrong.


P.S. UE > United Emirates.

Nerys said...

Ciao Mario, seems about right to me!